About Us

About Us? It is not really About Us, it is About You!. Here at The Running Lab we want to build a brand that focuses solely on delivering a great customer experience. Each day we throw ourselves passionately into the task of becoming better. We challenge conventional formulas and paradigms. We stay on top of continuous changes in the science of running through extensive education and we are building a team with a diverse skill-set to make sure that your needs are met with unparalleled excellence.

Christian Poole

Rehabilitation & Running Performance Coach

Christian has a degree in Sport Rehabilitation and an MSc in Applied Biomechanics. As well as working at The Running Lab, Christian is also employed as a Senior Lecturer at St. Mary’s University College, lecturing on the BSc Sport Rehabilitation and MSc Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation courses. He is also a regular guest lecturer for several universities across the country, has presented at conferences and delivered courses both internationally and here in the UK. His approach to treatment and rehabilitation is based on the principles of Applied Functional Science which looks at the cause of injury rather than a symptom based approach. This philosophy as well as utilising cutting edge assessment and training techniques are applied at The Running Lab to the treatment of running related injuries. Christian has been coaching running for several years and has spent the last couple of years specialising in coaching barefoot technique to help runners overcome injury and improve performance.

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Lyndsey Cannon

Rehabilitation & Running Performance Coach

Lyndsey graduated from St. Mary’s University College with a degree in Sport Rehabilitation. Since graduating in 2009 Lyndsey has spent the last two years working as a full time rehabilitation and performance coach. Lyndsey has spent many hours coaching runners of all abilities from beginners to marathon runners, elite sprinters, triathletes and footballers. She has an eye for spotting faulty running technique and specialises in technique correction. Her passion lies in the rehabilitation of running injuries and with her background in Pilates has been instrumental in the development of ‘Run Fit”.

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Samantha McGill

Rehabilitation & Running Performance Coach

Sam graduated from St. Mary’s University College with a degree in Sport Rehabilitation and has recently completed an MSc in Applied Biomechanics from Roehampton University. Sam has 15 years experience in Sports Injury Management and is passionate about running biomechanics and the importance of posture and core strength in maintaining good running form. Sam is a soft tissue specialist and will use her expertise in manual therapy and rehabilitation to help injured runners return to efficient and technically sound running.

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